April 16, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 16, 2014 – Arribe Fishing has introduced its new 1200 Lever Drag, a gleaming red beauty so advanced, smooth, powerful and durable, it ushers in a new class of tackle – the “Performance Reel.”  Unlike top-of-the-line models from other manufacturers that deliver in some areas but fall short in others, the Arribe 1200 incorporates all of the key characteristics serious anglers are looking for in a saltwater reel.

Meticulously designed inside and out to help you land more and bigger fish, the Arribe 1200 is like no other lever drag on the market today. It integrates tight, crisp operation, an ultra-smooth, consistent drag, unsurpassed strength and integrity, a superior anti-reverse, outstanding castability and unmatched durability into one seamless system.  Hold a 1200 in your hand and you will immediately notice this reel’s solid yet lightweight construction and extremely tight tolerances.  Every component has been carefully selected to stand up to tackle-testing game fish and regular use in the harshest marine environments.  It all translates into a reel you can count on to perform flawlessly during the heat of battle, and over the long haul.

According to Arribe Fishing’s CTO Danny Uribe, a general lack of advancement and innovation in the tackle industry inspired him to design and build a better reel. “It seemed to me that most manufacturers were more interested in cutting corners, saving money and maximizing production than creating a truly superior product. So, I set out to make a reel that wouldn’t just meet the expectations of experienced saltwater anglers, it would exceed them.” said Uribe. “I drew my inspiration from the quality and technology that goes into the making of Formula 1 race cars, NASA spacecraft, and the most advanced naval warships and submersibles. My goal was to create a reel capable of dramatically improving the overall fishing experience – and that’s exactly what the Arribe 1200 brings to the water.”

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March 24, 2014

Arribe Fishing is pleased to announce that the Arribe 1200 will be available for sale at www.arribefishing.com starting April 15, 2014.

The Arribe 1200 defines a new category of fishing reel – the performance reel. Performance reels integrate eight key performance characteristics that work together to deliver superior performance. These characteristics are: 1) tight, crisp operation, 2) smooth, constant drag, 3) lightweight, 4) superior casting, 5) fail-safe anti-reverse, 6) strength, 7) integrity, 8) durability.

Using the latest CAD processes, coupled with advanced machining technology, materials and coatings, the 1200 removes all of the typical barriers to a great fishing experience, from lack of performance to complicated handling to equipment that corrodes over time. The 1200 is designed to efficiently deliver maximum power to the spool and to offer all anglers the smooth confident handling they desire. With a 6:1 gear ratio, the lightweight lever-drag Arribe 1200 is among the most versatile reels in the market. It is appropriate for all fishing methods and all but the largest species. Detailed information can be found at www.arribefishing.com.

The price of the Arribe 1200 is $779 which includes free shipping and handling.